“At Geurts Champignons, we save on energy consumption.”

Geurts Champignons strives to contribute to a better environment and works continuously to make its processes more sustainable. We innovate and work on reducing energy consumption by investing in renewable energy sources. As a result, Geurts Champignons is less dependent on fossil fuel and can still meet the heating and cooling demands of the farm. To meet the heating and cooling demands of the farm, heat and cold storage (CHP), heat pumps, chillers and solar panels with PVT panels are used in harmony in an energy-efficient way. This leads to energy savings and a reduction in CO2 emissions. It also makes cultivation 100% gas-free.

Think ahead, become more sustainable and innovate.

At Geurts Champignons, sustainability is in our DNA. We want to show our customers that we not only produce top quality mushrooms, but also treat people, nature and the environment responsibly. By investing in our self-sufficient farm and innovative techniques, we show that sustainability is not only important for the company, but also for the future.

Increasingly self-sufficient

Our vision is to further professionalise Geurts Champignons and grow in the field of sustainability. We are already well on our way with our self-sufficient farm and with reducing our energy needs. We are constantly looking for new ways to make our processes even more sustainable. Our mission is to grow mushrooms in the most environmentally friendly way possible while remaining financially attractive.

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= saving CO2 in kilograms   = saving in number of trees
More information about savings? Visit https://www.encon.eu/en/node/348

Heat and cold storage (CHP) with heat pumps and chillers

The heat and cold storage consists of two underground hot wells and two cold wells in which heat and cold are stored. In combination with heat pumps and chillers that deliver heat and cold at the right, calculated time, the system meets the heat and cold needs of the farm.
The excess heat released during cultivation, especially in the summer period, is stored in the wells. This stored heat is used in the winter period to heat the crop. The cold that is released is returned to the wells to cool the crop in the summer period. In this way, residual heat and residual cold are efficiently used in cultivation at the right time. In order to fully meet the heat and cold needs of the farm, the hot and cold coming from the wells is brought to the right temperature by means of heat pumps and chillers. These heat pumps and chillers are powered by electricity from the solar panels. The remaining heat and residual cold from the heat pumps and chillers is used to extra charge the wells as a buffer.

Annual savings:  180.000  7.500

Solar panels

The electricity needs of the farm are generated by means of solar panels. In total, there are 3,800 panels on the roofs of the farm, which together have a yield of 1.2 million kWh. At present, almost the entire electricity requirement of the farm is generated via solar energy.

Annual savings:  480.000   20.000


The PVT system is a combination of solar panels and thermal collectors. The system uses a heat pump installation of four cascade regulated heat pumps, powered by 440 PVT panels. These solar panels contain thermal collectors that supply heat from the sun and cold from frost to the farm. The heat and cold that is not directly required for the needs of the farm is stored in the heat and cold storage. In this way, the rest of the heat and the rest of the cold are used efficiently at the right time. In addition, the solar panels also give a higher efficiency because they are cooled by the PVT system.

Annual savings:  200.000   8.000


The office has been made more sustainable by means of a heat pump in combination with solar panels. The office is also illuminated by LED lighting and has a high insulation value. The office is 100% gas-free and has energy label A+++++.

Annual savings:  6.100   255

Infiltration of rainwater

We have set up various initiatives for better flora and fauna. For example, we have installed wells to collect and infiltrate rainwater on a large scale. As a result, we burden the sewersystem less and the water remains on our own territory.

Nature & Environment

In order to keep our environment as green and natural as possible, we are happy to give nature a hand. Among other things, we have installed a frog pool, butterfly garden and a lot of planting on our site. In this way, we contribute to the preservation of nature in our environment.


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