Geurts Champignons | Sustainability
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Geurts Mushrooms Milheeze saves energy consumption

Through the use of renewable energy, Geurts Champigons Milheeze is less dependent on energy coming from fossil fuels. Through thermal energy storage (TES), in combination with heat pumps, chillers and boilers, the heat and cold demand of the mushroom farm is met in an energy-efficient way.

Thermal Energy Storage (TES)

The mushroom farm has an energy storage system in the form of thermal energy storage (TES), in which energy in the form of heat and cold is stored in the soil. This to comply with the farm’s demand for heat and cold in an energy efficient manner. The underground part of the storage system consists of two hot wells (temperature from 11 to 15 C) and the two cold wells (temperature 7 to 11 C) with a depth of +/- 70 meters. By means of multiple pumps and a heat exchanger the cold and also the hot load is utilized in the internal energy system

Heat pumps and cooling machines

The underground energy storage system, in combination with two heat pumps, two cooling devices and 6 boilers, delivers heat and cold for the central channel (used for the treatment of the outside air), and the cultivation cells (the rooms where the mushrooms are grown). The cooling devices allows for the extraction of warm water in order to produce cooling water for the cultivation cells and the heat pump uses the hot water to subsequently deliver it to the heating circuit.

Cascade control boilers

The boilers are arranged in a cascading sequence (cascade arrangement). Instead of one large boiler there are several smaller boilers (6 units) installed in parallel. This makes it possible to create the same heating power with less energy. The electronics ensure that all is optimally arranged. In autumn and spring, it is not always necessary to use the capacity of all boilers. The cascade arrangement then prevents the unnecessary burning of one or more boilers. The throttle valves that have been coupled to it, will prevent that the water from the non-burning boilers will still be heated by the hot water from the burning boilers. This will prevent unnecessary energy loss.