Geurts Champignons processes in-house mushrooms to semi-preserves packed in buckets. Due to the short chain from cultivation to end product, we can guarantee quality, freshness and origin. Semi-preserved is a fresh but also shelf-stable product that finds its way into the food industry.

There are several class standards available in both whole and cut variants. Because the mushrooms are washed, pre-cooked and sliced, we take care of the work for the customer.

Fresh but also storable

Geurts Champignons processes its own mushrooms and those grown by third parties into semi-preserves packed in buckets. A semi-preserved product is a fresh but also storable product. Our packaged products have a minimum shelf life of 6 weeks. The mushrooms are pre-cooked and therefore ready to use, ideally suited for the food industry.

The process

Geurts Champignons guarantees a quality and fresh product through meticulous monitoring and control of the mushrooms on its own farm and with fellow growers. The mushrooms undergo quality control upon arrival. If all goes well, the mushrooms are washed, blanched, re-cooled, sliced and packed in infusion.

Quality & Control

The product is then sealed airtight and leak-proof, and the packaging is provided with a label. The product is closely monitored and controlled throughout the entire processing process. Our semi-preserved processing line is IFS-Food certified.

Short Lines

The semi-preserve buckets mainly find their way into the food industry to wholesalers, intermediaries, industrial consumers, commercial kitchens and catering companies at home and abroad. Due to the short lines in the chain between cultivation and customers, the freshness of the produces is optimal, and Geurts Champignons can flexibly respond to the needs of the customer.

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