The cultivation process

Partly due to our well-developed cultivation process, Geurts Champignons Milheeze is a progressive production company in the Dutch mushroom sector.

Sustainability & energy

Due to using heat and cold storage, among other things, we are able to work energy efficiently, considering high demand for heat as well as cooling in our production process.

Product range

Geurts Champignons Milheeze delivers fresh quality products daily in the packaging you require.


With our semi-preserves processing method for mushrooms, we guarantee the quality and freshness of our products from A to Z.

We are a real family business

Where we not only cultivate but manage the entire process.

Many farms only grow the produce, then it is picked up by a transporter and taken to another location for processing and packaging. Only then will the produce go to the customer. With us, the stage between growing and delivering to the customer is under one roof, because processing and packaging takes place here at the farm itself.

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At Geurts Champignons, sustainability is in our DNA. We want to show our customers that we not only produce top quality mushrooms, but also treat people, nature and the environment responsibly. By investing in our self-sufficient farm and innovative techniques, we show that sustainability is not only important for the company, but also for the future.

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Product range

Mushrooms are a good meat substitute and fits perfectly into a healthy lifestyle.

We have a wide range of mushrooms. In addition, we prepare semi-preserves in-house.
A selection of our products are completely organic.

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Geurts Champignons processes its own mushrooms and those grown by third parties into semi-preserves packed in buckets. A semi-preserved product is a fresh but also storable product. Our packaged products have a minimum shelf life of 6 weeks. The mushrooms are pre-cooked and therefore ready to use, ideally suited for the food industry.

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