The cultivation process

Also thanks to our well-developed cultivation process, Geurts Champignons Milheeze is a progressive production company in the Dutch mushroom sector.

Durability & energy

By using, among others, heat and cold storage, we work energy efficient because of the huge demand of heat as well as cooling during our production process.


Geurts Champignons Milheeze daily delivers fresh quality products in the quantities that you desire.

We are a true family business

Willy and Maria Geurts started the mushroom farm in 1985. Later a (shared) ownership composting company was added. During the last few years, in cooperation with their sons, the business has optimized the production process and investments have been made in the energy usage. Partially because of that, Geurts Champignons Milheeze today belongs to the higher class 1 of mushroom farms in the Netherlands.


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