We are Geurts Champignons

Many farms only grow the produce, then it is picked up by a transporter and taken to another location for processing and packaging. Only then will the produce go to the customer. With us, the link between growing and delivering to the customer is under one roof, because processing and packaging takes place here at the farm itself.

Through this approach, we not only gain freshness, but we also reduce the number of transport moments. This way you are assured of products that come directly from cultivation and therefore arrive fresher at the final destination. Our approach guarantees that you always get the best quality products, straight from the source.

We offer a wide range of mushrooms, including organic options. With us you will find them all of the highest quality. We are proud of our company and the high-quality products we supply. Discover the benefits of our farm for yourself and enjoy fresh, tasty products!

What does Geurts Champignons have to offer?

We are proud of the fact that we are one of the frontrunners when it comes to our own cultivation, and that we are large scale and have everything under our own management. From cultivation to end product, we do it all ourselves. As a result, every customer interacts directly with us. The products are fresher, have a higher quality, are cheaper and the communication is direct. No intermediaries, but clarity, at the source itself.

In short, at Geurts Champignons we focus on both the domestic and foreign market, fully committed to sustainability and the high quality of our products. Thanks to our large-scale in-house cultivation and all-in-house management approach, we are a reliable partner for all our customers.

Passionate Family Business

Geurts Champignons is a passionate family business that is not afraid to roll up its sleeves. Together with our team, we work passionately on our products every day. Our working method leads to high-quality produce and a good working atmosphere.


Geurts as an Employer

We find it important to be present on the work floor and to think with our employees. We want them to feel comfortable at work. That is why we look at what is needed to meet the needs of our employees and ensure a good balance. It is important that the working atmosphere is good and that everyone on the floor is working with a smile.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Geurts Champignons is not only a leading company in the field of mushroom production, but we do business in a socially responsible way. We are very involved in our regional needs and support local initiatives. We find it very important to contribute to society and to remain committed to our (regional) environment.

Geurts Champignons over the years

Founding of Geurts Champignons + first products are delivered.

various expansions from 1200 m2 to 11880 m2 cultivation area

Start of first sustainability effort (heat storage and cold storage put into use)

Establishment of cannery

Entering of the new generation (John, Frank 2018, Ruud and Dennis 2022)

phased installation of 3800 solar panels

Sustainability: Heat pumps and PVT system. Infiltration wells established.

want to achieve 100% sustainability and self-sufficient farm, optimise and continue to develop cultivation and ensure that top products and sustainability go hand in hand (automated harvesting)